Sanford Gas Coalition


July 23rd, 2013 will be the 5 year anniversary of the moratorium on high
volumehydraulic fracturing in NY. The JLC will be holding an event on July 23rd from 2
to 3 pm, at the Holiday Inn Arena, Binghamton.
Please ask your members and supporters to attend to show our “Leaders” in Albany
that a 5 year delay is ridiculous and that the landowners are fed-up!
Several noted supporters of our cause have agreed to speak at the event.
Thank you in advance for your support.
Joint Landowners Coalition of New York

We are expecting big news from NYS in the coming weeks....
If you have not provided us with your e-mail please send it to!!!!

Now is the perfect time to inform your friends and neighbors, who are unleased and
in our core area, to sign up as well. 

QUESTIONS  E-mail or

Is your property:
> Located in the Town of Sanford, NY
> Outside of the New York City Watershed
> Unleased by XTO, Chesapeake or Nornew
Then WE want you!

Do you want to join a coalition to negotiate:
> An environmentally responsible lease
> Superior signing bonus
> Superior royalty
Then YOU want us!

Life affords but few people a second chance...Carpe Diem

Make OUR Coalition -- YOUR Coalition!

We have also created a useful Blog at to provide information such as current news and events.  The Blog will give you a sense of the direction we are heading in positioning ourselves for natural gas leasing as a group.

By joining our coalition you are indicating your interest in participating in the Sanford Gas Coalition which is dedicated to obtaining the best lease terms to protect you, your property, and the environment and to maximize your bonus payments and royalties.  You realize the benefits of acting together as a cohesive group of concerned landowners for the good of all parties and that any resulting lease offer is not binding on you and you are under no obligation to sign any gas lease developed by the coalition and its attorney.  If you agree to sign the lease, negotiated for our group, you agree to pay our attorney based on rate to be determined.  

The way our coalition members see it - there is NOTHING to lose and  MUCH to gain! 

Please note, to be a member of the Sanford Gas Coalition, you MUST own property in the Town of Sanford which is NOT located in the New York City Watershed. 

If you are interested in joining us and making OUR coalition YOUR coalition please see the information to e-mail below.

By sending us information you are indicating you have read and agree to the terms following terms:  I agree to be in the Sanford Gas Coalition ("Coalition"), a free and voluntary group of landowners in the Town of Sanford, Broome County, New York who own property in the Town of Sanford which is outside of the NYC Watershed.  I understand that the Coalition Steering Committee will attempt to negotiate gas lease(s) with the objective of maximizing lease-signing payments and royalties to Coalition Members, as well as securing lease terms to protect the land and landowners.  I agree to hold the Steering Committee harmless for and waive all causes of action that may arise out of the gas lease negotiations or any related matter. I understand that I am not bound by the lease negotiated by the Steering Committee and its attorney nor shall I be bound to pay any legal fee or expenses  unless I execute a separate retainer agreement with the our coalition attorney.  If I do decide to sign the gas lease, that is the result of the negotiations of the Steering Committee and our legal counsel, I understand that I will be required to sign a separate retainer agreement with our attorney at a rate to be determined which is normally payable from the signing bonus.   

If you are interested in joining us and making OUR coalition...YOUR coalition.... please provide the information requested below.
Please e-mail your name, address of property, tax map number, phone number & address to
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